artsy fartsy (nohx) wrote in metaquotes,
artsy fartsy

geeky sonnets FTW

My friend boutell writes the best poetry sometimes (and he writes it EVERY MONDAY. Talk about discipline)

Monday Fourteen

They couldn't see the value in the gears.
They scorned my incomplete machinery.
She knew the sum was more than it appeared.
And so the two of you gave life to me.

The wheels turned as beauty measured truth.
The world spun, and she was spinning it.
The hearts of men are harder to compute.
She never guessed the loop was infinite,

For every line of code was indirect.
With every query pushed and answer popped,
She sorted through a flood of side effects.
The lady was persistent. Give her props.

While others tweaked the code and hurried by,
She tried to document your API.

Context is a h4x0r. Public, QWP.

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