Invert Sugar (montrealais) wrote in metaquotes,
Invert Sugar

james_nicoll blows the lid off of the oppressive socialist medicare system

My OHIP card [Ontario provincial health card] expired but due to a surfeit of sit down and stay I have not renewed it.

Today I set out to the local OHIP office with a bag containing sufficient ID, a bottle of water and a book, knowing that the cruel bureaucrats of the Ontario health system might keep me waiting, what with them being evil socialists and all.

Nightmare one: There were almost no other people waiting to renew cards.

Nightmare Two: They have a receptionist who sends people to the correct section.

Nightmare Three: when it turned out the teller (not the right word but I will fix it in edits) was busy, the receptionist then inflicted on me someone who was not busy.

Nightmare Four: For reasons that could only make sense to a minion of the socialistic health care such as we have in Ontario, the person I was sent to managed to get me processed in about two minutes. Oh, for the streamlined efficiency of a free market system!

Context is the opiate of the people.

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