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From explodi...

explodi - Wahaha! A while ago I dropped my tea mug and it cracked really badly all over and almost shattered- I had to squash it back into shape... It remains waterproof because the un-cracked parts of the cup clamp it together with lots of pressure. So I still use it, but mark my words that mug is a ticking time-bomb. Soon, very soon it will suddenly burst apart showering whoever is making tea... with tea!
Ahahahaaaa!! I am soooo evil! I am truly a villain.
Of course there is an equal chance that the mug wil explode when I am making the tea, but that makes it all the more exciting.... It could happen today, or in six months, but mark my words it WILL happen...!

magin - Your scheme is truly evil. However, I am concerned that as the owner of the mug you will be the person most likely to suffer from its explosive potential whilst innocently sipping on its heavenly contents. Though the scheme be evil, the plotter is perchance a fool.

explodi - a valid point, however I'm confident that this will not happen for the following reasons:
a) I think the explosion will be due to the uneven expansion caused by boiled water. A warm mug supped from later will have already passed the test.
b)I do not hold my mug by the handle. Tea makers do, one in each hand by the handle due to the heat, or sometimes more than one. Probably the sudden bursting and hot suprise will also cause the other cups to be spilled. Mwahahaaa!

magin - I am deeply distrubed though admittedly impressed by your calculating and devious nature. I will however point out that in true Bond-villain style you have revealed your plan prior to execution thus ensuring your own downfall at the hands of an idiot with a flashy car and a big gun.
My only hope is that you are in fact cunningly concealing your true plan with the tea cup ruse and that your unwitting colleagues will soon be the victims of the tempremental stapler/ light bulb/ fire extinguisher.

explodi - Or perhaps the real plan is cunningly encoded into that one, which in turn would be a trap since only Batman could figure it out with his bat-computer.
....Are you Batman..?

magin - Ha! You think I'm falling for the old "come right out and ask and they'll be taken by surprise and answer" routine. I may be Batman, I may not, all I can tell you is that Gotham will continue to be safe as long as Albert lives - which as everyone knows is forever.
Nananananananana nananananananana
Take that you tea cup touting fiend.

explodi - *KABLOWIE* Waargh!
It matters not as only the real batman could dicipher the code and discover the real nature and location of my trap, falling into the flippers of my poison-pencil-punching penguin paratroopers!
Or perhaps pondering this perpendicular double ploy is a triple or quadrupal trap or more...
Looks like its down to you.. BATMAN!!

magin - Ha! Your hopelessly over complicationed, though charmingly alliterative plan will provide your own downfall. Your penguins will turn on you after being leafleted by animal rights freedom fighters, your pencils will prove pointless, and your poisons become pallatable. Enjoy your stay in Gotham's notorious lunatic assylum. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Arrrrrrgh, I left my tea bag in my tea, yuck! Guess you got me after all. I'm off to cry on Albert's manly shoulder.

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