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seraphimcloud experiences sensual sushi.

But do not despair, reader. It was still tasty delicious, and I indeed indulged in a roll which contained, get this, lobster AND filet mignon, in a SUSHI ROLL. Hot. And delicious. Yet Geisha House is still, more than anything, and elaborate tease, which gets you happy, drunk and titilatted without ever actually going down on you. I considered ordering the "Going Down" for dessert, but settled for a DELICIOUS japanese pudding in a tart with green tea ice cream and strawberries and yes, if you know me at all, yes that DID turn me on, as does salmon sashimi and, well, KNOWING that I am eating two of the most expensive animals of land and sea at once in a sushi roll. However as I was visiting my lovely married couple friends, whom I Love But Not Like That, not much could really be done about it, except to go up with Josh in the CNN headquarters tower and try to sabotage Anderson Cooper.

Context is going down.

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