Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

haro (whose journal is friends-only, but I have permission) discusses Inuyasha and the sex lives of her stuffed toys:

Finally convinced mother to replace the InuYasha plushie the dog effin' ate. (Even though it was in my room where she should never have been able to get a hold of it.)

It was hard enough to find a damn replacement. I'm lucky UFOcatcher just happened to get it in stock. It's never on eBay.

*collapses in relief* I love that plushie because it's so cute... and now it can be with my Kagome plushie again. I feared that alternative pairing plushies. (After IY got eaten-- the only small IY ufos I had were Kagome and Sesshoumaru. O.o fearrrr.) Now my Sesshoumaru can go hump Buyo again. Then again Sess will be alone soon because I ordered my Buyo a Kirara.
That's not good because I also ordered the Jaken plushie. O.O I fear what the Jaken plushie will do to my Sesshoumaru plushie! It's bigger than the Sess plushie, it has the advantage! ACK.
Damn them for not making Kagura plushies. >_<

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