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I'd love to see a reality show like this

Over on customers_suck, bitchifoto posts about a strange woman who wanted passport photos:

Today's craziest customer of the day was, of course, after passport photos. As far as crazy customers go, at least this one was amusing. But I can't help but wonder what was WRONG with her! It was simply fascinating. I wish I could have ditched work and spent the rest of the day stalking her with a hidden camera and make it into a new reality show. But anyway, on to the story.

Bitch just projected a crazy AURA. You could see her coming from a mile away, with her bright green shirt and even brighter orange hair that was in some asymmetrical coif that looked like it'd been CHISELED into place. She was like a hornet or a poisonous toad whose bright colors warned other wildlife to stay the fuck away. And that was before you got a real taste of her personality, which was middle-aged NUTBUSTER turned up to eleven.

Am not clever enough to describe a witty context. (Public post, but waiting on QWP anyway.)

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