Amy Deeder (threthiel9) wrote in metaquotes,
Amy Deeder

prying_pandora comes to a realization...

I think I need help. I seriously just had a dream about Daniel Day Lewis (random much?!) playing the bongos, but the bongos sounded like Tom Servo when he imitates them in The Girl In Gold Boots. Also, he was naked, in an art museum gift shop, had a powdered wig on and had an austrian accent singing Babaloo.

Then he dressed up like Albert Einstein, went to a McDonalds that was on a sewer and staffed by the extraordinarily stupid, got naked again and danced on the counter to the theme song from The Girl in Gold Boots. Sadly, he danced no better than these people did

I think I'm traumatized...and turned on...

I should not watch MST3K when I'm sick.

Context suddenly loves the Allman Brothers.

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