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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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alienfox has all the best anecdotes.
apiphile wrote in metaquotes
Some guy in the toilets at a pub, under the mistaken assumption that he's being witty, giving my make-up a disconcerting look:

"Oi, mate. You're in the wrong toilets."

Foxy, dick in hand, miniskirt hitched up, while simultaneously pissing and applying lipstick:

"So are you. The disabled one is just next door."

Context, unlike clubbers, knows to never anger a drag queen.

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That's peculiar, because last I heard mental retardation was a pretty serious disability. Now being an asshole, that doesn't get so much sympathy.

I make a distinction between stupid and mental retardation, which I'm well aware of being a serious disability. :P

Being developmentally disabled and being stupid aren't the same thing. I see what you're saying but that's kind of a silly connection to make, regardless of the point behind it.

Oh God, I can't stop the humourless whining. I'm sorry mods.

Mod apology from me as well. *sigh*

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