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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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alienfox has all the best anecdotes.
apiphile wrote in metaquotes
Some guy in the toilets at a pub, under the mistaken assumption that he's being witty, giving my make-up a disconcerting look:

"Oi, mate. You're in the wrong toilets."

Foxy, dick in hand, miniskirt hitched up, while simultaneously pissing and applying lipstick:

"So are you. The disabled one is just next door."

Context, unlike clubbers, knows to never anger a drag queen.

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Yeah, well, the abled aren't happy about you guys getting all the good parking spots, so I'd say it all balances out.

If I weren't blind that *might* be humorous. As it stands -


I had no idea the sense of humour gland was so intimately entwined with sight.

Legit question: How does a blind person use the internet? Do you have programs read all the words to you and then dictate your typing?

Actually, yeah. A friend of mine had a blind neighbor who showed me his computer setup once. screen-reader and a braille keyboard.

Cool. But how does the computer know what and what not to read? And what about clicking in the appropriate text box? And on the right buttons to post what one has typed? And what about pictures?

It depends on the screen reader program as well as the other software being used on the computer. Different programs/documents/websites are more blind-friendly than others.

As a disabled person myself, I'd suggest you pick up your sense of humour at the side counter.


Not to mention the spacious bathrooms!

*is so going to Hell*...

The spacious bathrooms are frequently crap -- grip bars in the wrong place or at the wrong angle, access blocked. They're usually more useful for abled people to change clothes than for disabled people to do unnecessary things like, oh, pee.

Ha, I'll attest to that - the few times post-surgery I actually had to use a surgery they were awkward as hell, but when all the leg-parts are working and I'm riding my bike to work? Thank little fishies for the handicap stall to change my clothes in!

I'm sure any of them will happily swap with you! They're generous like that.

WORD. Close parking and RA or joints that work well and don't hurt like fuck would be an easy choice.

You can have my parking space if I can have your working joints. If there was a way to make the trade, all the close parking would be yours in a heartbeat.

Only if I get one of those sweet-ass Captain Pike-style hoverchairs.

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