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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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alienfox has all the best anecdotes.
apiphile wrote in metaquotes
Some guy in the toilets at a pub, under the mistaken assumption that he's being witty, giving my make-up a disconcerting look:

"Oi, mate. You're in the wrong toilets."

Foxy, dick in hand, miniskirt hitched up, while simultaneously pissing and applying lipstick:

"So are you. The disabled one is just next door."

Context, unlike clubbers, knows to never anger a drag queen.

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The disabled are not amused.

What? All of them?

All of them, at all times.

Likely. And your mom.

A fair number of them I'm sure. So-so funny remark, but not all that keen on idiot = disabled comparison. Last I heard stupid didn't count as a disability.

Yeah, well, the abled aren't happy about you guys getting all the good parking spots, so I'd say it all balances out.

If I weren't blind that *might* be humorous. As it stands -


Not to mention the spacious bathrooms!

*is so going to Hell*...

I'm sure any of them will happily swap with you! They're generous like that.

LOL massive fail. It's funny. Get over yourself. Guess what else is funny? Making fun of my deaf girlfriend for being deaf while she mocks me for being a cripple.

OH I'M SORRY, I SAID CRIPPLE. I lose my cripple cred now, don't I?

See, I think it's more offensive to make a blanket statement like that than the quote itself was. Different people have different senses of humor: just because you happen to be disabled doesn't mean all disabled people share your opinion. And to assume they do is kind of prejudice from within the system, which is the worst kind.

We're not?

Crap, I'm doing it wrong again.

This is not the wank you are looking for, y'all.

Look, check the sign on the door- occasionally we poke fun at things you may not agree with. I have a nasty, nasty headache and don't have the patience to be more polite, so for now I'm just freezing this thread.

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