Carmilla (well not really) (shadowkittykat_) wrote in metaquotes,
Carmilla (well not really)

paganbear has come up with a fun new game

"The most insane drinking game ever isn't from any strange movie or television show. It's from the In Tune With Spirit radio station online... which plays my favorite style of music. It's all very beautiful, don't get me wrong... but you can do some real damage to yourself turning it into a drinking game.

Rules are simple... have tequila, Jaegermeister, and Bacardi 151, and shot glasses.

Now the key is to listen for awhile and take a shot whenever the word "Spirit" is in the song title, group's name, or album's name. With each song you count out how many times the word "spirit" appears. If it's in just the song title or the group's name (one appearance) you take a shot of tequila. If it appears twice, you take either two shots of tequila or of Jaeger. If it appears in all three, you do a shot of 151 and chase it with whole beer (chugged).

Yeah, this is Native American spirituality music, which makes the use of alcohol even more wrong. But then, when have you guys known me not to be wrong? Exactly


Artist: Dave Gordon
Title: Spirit Runner - Just one shot
Album: Drum Prayer

STATUS: Four shots, one 151 and one beer
Low tolerance actually thinks that the word waffle is the most hilarious word he's ever heard in his life, and he keeps saying it over and over again. Your friend is now insisting he shut up and a brawl almost ensues. You could swear you just saw Jesus in your ice cubes."

Context is really... relaly... drnuk...

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