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People food is not for you!

dances_withcats would like to communicate The Rules of Dining to her cat...and what better way to do it than in a poem?

You may not eat my bagel
You may not eat my cheese.
You may not eat my yogurt,
You may not eat my peas.

You may not eat my napkins
while you're sitting in my lap.
When I remove you from the table,
you may not give me crap.

When you get coffee in my keyboard
and all over the frickin' place,
I certainly will yell at you
and make a frowny face.

You may not poke and claw me
because you want my bread remains.
You may not gripe and groan
when I curse your little kitty brain.

When the plate is on the floor,
it's for all the cats to share.
When the plate is on the table,
you're just too much to bear.

I give you lots of kibbles.
I give you lots of bits.
When I'm eating breakfast,
don't give me any sh*t!

quoted with permission

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