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In utoronto, schroedingrscat gives tips for smoking indoors on campus:

You literally have to be a ninja to do it on campus, but I've found a few places.

1) Basement of Ramsay Wright, where they apparently keep lots of radioactive stuff (according to the signs). Perhaps due to the virulence of whatever they keep down there, there aren't any smoke detectors, and nobody goes there. Pros: you barely have to go outside to get there from Sid Smith. Cons: radioactivity, maybe.

2) The new Anthropology Building. Still partially under construction, and the contractors smoke inside all the time. Do it after 8:00, when the lectures have all ended. If a professor catches you, offer them one. Pros: smoking with profs is hardcore. Cons: it's cold.

3) Outside the U of T health clinic, on the stairs just above the 3rd floor landing. I actually haven't tried this, but I guarantee nobody would believe you had the balls.

4) Innis College: main lecture hall/theater, after lecture hours. You've got about an hour's grace period between 8:00 and 9:00 before the janitors appear. The place is too big for the smoke to matter to the smoke detectors, and is undetectable after a few minutes. Don't do it on Fridays, or you'll run into Free Friday Films people. Pros: comfy seats. Cons: well, cancer.

f you get caught, always pretend you don't speak English. Cultivate a German accent, look confused, run when they turn away for that split second. Learn German phrases that are incomprehensible, but angry-sounding. I'm American, so I felt it was ridiculous that I couldn't even smoke inside bars here, I feel your pain. But respect the no-smoking bylaw to a certain extent: don't leave butts and ash all over other people's favorite seats. Ninjas leave no sign that they've come and gone.

Context is not there. Or is it?

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