Killer of Sacred Cows (griffen) wrote in metaquotes,
Killer of Sacred Cows

On the new Adult Content filter...

submarine_bells had this to say:

I really wish the current fad of auto-posting Twitter.. erm, output... came with nicely fashionable Twitter filters to put 'em in. I am *so* not interested in reading endless "I'm listening to a CD by Truffaut the Wonder Dog right now" or "I must remember to get pickled yak noses when I go to the market next" or "Goodness, isn't the sky big today?" posts. Fergawdsake, Livejournal, if you're gonna introduce stoopid new content-flagging functions, surely a flag for "Random Twitterings" would be more useful to the assembled multitudes than "May Possibly Contain Adult Content (If by Adult Content You Mean "More Sophisticated Than Play School")".

Context is unnecessary; that's the whole post. Cue Dubbya Pee, and all that.

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