Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

A conversation between shikinluv and her cousins, from a locked post (reposted with permission) :

(background info : shikinluv is Muslim.)

My cousins are the greatest.

Faeeqah calls me up and the conversation goes something like this.

Iqah: Kin, I heard you're not going to school.
Me: Yes. I'm on four days medical leave.
Iqah: Why?
Me: I have conjunctivitis.
Iqah: Conjucti-WHAT?
Me: Sore eyes, Qah.
Iqah: Oh. So you're going to die in four days time?
Me: ....
Me: Yes. That's correct.

And so it goes on...

Iqah: You know, I think we should do something REALLY SPECIAL for your funeral.
Me: Like what?
Iqah: I don't know...something happy. *pause* I KNOW! We could ask my school's orchestra to come play at the cemetary while they're burying you. Play really happy songs.
Me: ....
Iqah: You now have three days and forty-five minutes more to live. Shake that butt!
Me: ....

And on....

Me: I think you should play Missy Elliott at my funeral.
Iqah: Everyone will be going "Lailahaillallah" and I'll go "Pass that dutch, pass that dutch, pass that dutch..." and then "ALHAMDULLILAH!"
Me: It's supposed to be "Inallilah"
Iqah: It's the 21st century, you know. MODERN TIMES!
Me: ...Right.
Iqah: I'll be there with you know, band costumes and then the orchestra will play the Star Wars Theme and Lou Bega's Mambo Number Five.
Me: And you'll be in your cheerleading costume.
Iqah: Yes.
Me: *dies laughing*

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