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It's hard to say what kind of sense this makes... but it's funny in a weird and incoherent sort of way:

call_me_ishmael: But we do haves teh tentacle Naraku
haro: Oh yes we do
haro: who is the Pope
zidane: pooooope. I like saying pope.
call_me_ishmael: ...the pope has tentacles. I think that's a sign of the apocalypse
zidane: nah
haro: XD
call_me_ishmael: It is too a sign! I should's in my Big Evil List O' Omens
zidane: the Pope has ALWAYS had tentacles.
call_me_ishmael: No, he's just always had a possessed hat
zidane: that's it!
zidane: *never suspected the hat was too obvious*
call_me_ishmael: Exactly!
haro: XD
call_me_ishmael: Why do you think he still goes around everywhere despite being horribly ill? The Ebil Hat.
call_me_ishmael: It's like the Sorting Hat's grandfather twice removed, from his mother's evil twin's side.
abarero: XD
haro: XD
call_me_ishmael: it hasn't had babies since the inquisition...this is a good thing

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