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sarahtales has been watching Smallville with her family...

DAD: So Lex returns and the people he gets physical with are *Clark* and his *father*? It never occurs to him that his wife might like some attention?
GENEVIEVE: Don't call Lex. Clark ain't ever making it up the aisle with anything with breasts.
DAD: Honestly, his father. Who's your daddy? Huh? Huh?
MAYA: Er... you are, Dad?
DAD: *faintly* Ew.
GENEVIEVE: Lex is all 'I got down with my bad self' and Clark is all 'how do I tell Lex I was a rent boy all summer?'
MAYA: Not technically.
GENEVIEVE: I don't know what show you're watching. He lay around in blue silk sheets with men shooting all over him.
MOM: Why is Lana crying?
DAD: Maybe she just realised she has to marry Pete.
MOM: She does?
DAD: I read the comics.
DAD: It was cool back in my day.
MOM: Why does Lana marry Pete?
GENEVIEVE: Only straight man in town!
MAYA: Queer as Folk is on next.
GENEVIEVE: Haven't we just been watching that?

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