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The Devil's Own Cold Remedy

hearingincolor has a whopping case of congestion...wait, HAD.  She's also a killer cook and has, apparently, no fear and no tastebuds remaining!

I was going to make Sambhar - but after careful consideration of traditional ingredients and possible substitutions similar in taste, texture, and depth - I decided to make a slightly altered recipe of my favorite tom-kha gai instead.

I doubled the onion, garlic and ginger - left out the mushrooms and chicken- and put almost three times the amount of chiles in than I normally do. I didn't have, and couldn't find lemongrass today, so instead of taking the time to soak the dry crud I have, I left it out entirely.
after a brief cooking of the primaries, I tasted, added about 3 tablespoons extra curry powder (the good stuff that I keep in the cupboard in a double bag), added even more lime (substituting fresh squeezed domestic lime for kafir, since I have yet to find even moderately fresh kafir leaf available around here)...
Took it off the heat and let it sit while I whipped up the marinade for tomorrow nights dinner and set the beasties a-soaking... then I poured in the coconut milk - stirred it in, strained everything into a tupperware dish (not even bothering to fuck around with chewing tonight)- and drank like I just rode through the desert on a horse with no name.

Context is raving about the positive uses of hellfire.  QWP.

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