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amandathegreat wrote in metaquotes
Mr. James "flemco" Grant reads an article on drug slang and is compelled to respond:


- Psychedelic Heroin for Ketamine. Uh, no. I don't think any teen would ever use such a retarded term for a drug. How is that even a codename to hide what you're asking for?
BOBBY: Man, we gotta come up with another word for Ketamine so the 'rents won't know what we're talking about!
TOMMY: I know! Let's call it "blowjobs from a hooker!"
BOBBY: Yeah! So when I ask you in front of your mom if we should go get some "blowjobs from a hooker," she won't be none the wiser!
TOMMY: 23-Skiddoo!
BOBBY: Hey, let's go get some "blowjobs from a hooker!"
MOM: Oh, you kids! Be careful!
TOMMY: We will!
- Fire for crystal meth. What? I can almost guaran-damn-tee that if I walked up to a drug dealer and asked for fire, he'd hold out his lighter.
- Yahoo for coke. I could be wrong on this one - maybe kids call weed "Lycos" and speed "Hotmail." But I doubt it.
- XTC for Ecstacy. Not objecting to it because I've never heard it called that - on the contrary, that's PHONETICALLY THE SAME DAMNED THING. Jesus blithering CHRIST, next they'll be listing off such "drug codenames" as "MARY WANNA" and "ASS ID."
- Roachies for Rohypnol. Never in my life heard that one. Ever.

I think I'm going to make it my goal to start more people saying "23-Skiddoo."

Really? Because I'm going to start referring to more drugs as "blowjobs from a hooker."

Good lord, they really must have made some of those up. I've studied a lot about drug history and none of this shit came up.

Are you kidding? The only one I haven't heard was kibble n bits.

Kibbles and bits? Sounds like something I give my cat.

Why not just call weed, catnip? Of course if you have a cat, you might forget and end up giving it some weed and you'd have one mellow moggy.

(Deleted comment)
"Kibbles and Bits" for Ritalin? Where on earth did they get that one from?
Vitamin R and the R-ball are the two more common slang terms for it, and they missed those'uns completely.

We always heard it called "R-men' as in 'amen' because I guess Ritalin makes you feel closer to God? o.O

I have heard roaches before, but the other ones are all new to me!

I've only ever heard of roaches in reference to pot. Rohypnol is "roofies."

Heh, I used to read his journal. Great writer, often very amusing.

LOL. I remember a few years back that kids in this area were taking Coricidin HBP pills to get high and they were calling it 'skittling'. I was like, "In my time, we had way better names for the drugs we took."

Here some highlights:

1. candy flipping - taking LSD and ecstasy at the same time
2. hippy flipping - taking shrooms and ecstasy at the same time

But we always called Ketamine 'Special K', coke was either 'charlie' or just 'coke'.

We made fun of noobs who called ecstasy 'X' or 'XTC'. We always called it 'E' or just 'pills'.

In my experience (which is in some ways very limited and in some ways far too broad), ecstasy was "E" on the West Coast and "X" on the East Coast. Never ran into it in the Midwest; too much meth. ;P

It makes me wonder how many of these terms are regional. Many unofficial naming systems are, or used to be--the internet is a great homogenizer of language (and kind of a... dumbenizer, too--and okay I just wanted to use a stupid word that I made up), but off-the-wall nicknames for drugs might not spread as quickly as dorky things like "lollerskates."

On the news a couple days ago they were saying kids were calling some drug "Cheese"...so my friend's grandmother heard that and flipped out.

"Don't EVER let me hear you say you're going to do CHEESE! YOU STAY AWAY FROM CHEESE!!!!" She yelled.

My friends, being more the MTV type than the local news type figured Granny had lapsed into dementia at an earlier age than expected.

Honestly though, Kibbles and Bits? If someone asked me for that I'd wonder why they were trying to steal my dog's food.

My friends, being more the MTV type than the local news type figured Granny had lapsed into dementia at an earlier age than expected.

I was finally over my giggle fit from the original post, and then I got to this. Thaaaanks.


I'm laughing so hard not only because I think "23-skiddoo" is hysterical, but also because I keep reading the "codename" for acid as ASS I.D.

Thank God! I thought I was the only one to have done that! *headdesk*

*is having a giggle attack*

Another reason for me to stay off drugs: I'd sound fucking retarded trying to ask for any.

"Hey, dude, can you hook me up with some Skittles?"
"Uh. Sure." *hands me 65 cents* "There's a candy machine over there..."

Y'know, maybe it's just my inner nerd/dork/geek or whatever, but when I see "XTC" I think of the theme song to the Witchblade Anime and not the drug.

I think of X-T-C versus Adam Ant.

... is that a Wraith?

Dear Metaquotes:

I love you. A lot.


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