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And the deathmatches have taken over the deathmatches.

Highlights of the match? Highlander has no chance in molten hell of winning this one until they do the ultimate fandom wank and ask King Kong Lord of the Rings for teh help. Lord of the Rings, petting their pretty elven arses, decides it means more votes for them and jumps on in full throttle. Harry Potter jumps in for an hour to say fuckyouverymuch but no thanks, yawns, and fucks off back to their Kingly corners to worry over more important things like who's plagiarised who now and OMG did Cassie Clair (<3) really make a new post?!. Fandoms worldwide yawn.

--From bnfmdeathmatch which is just too funny.
ETA: The link works! All hail LJ Edti Edit!

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