Death Kitten (diziara) wrote in metaquotes,
Death Kitten

In this response by en_ki in this entry in kobold's journal ( kobold is the artist of the fantastic web comic Something Positive):

Isn't the "fastest growing religion" Islam? Google says it is.

But wait! Allah is just the moon god, whose symbol is the horns of a crescent moon! Of course! Islam is just Wicca in disguise.

Clearly, we should preemptively drop houses on Wiccans to keep them from flying planes into us.

For those not familiar with what's been happening, currently Something Positive and it's creator Randy are under fire from a bunch of bone heads who are a bad representation of the Wiccan and Pegan community, and are currently accusing Randy of singling out Wiccans for abuse when in fact Randy is an equal opportunity asshole, hating and picking on practically everyone just the same.

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