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Not An Asshat
vaspider wrote in metaquotes


We're about to see the coming of PÖTTERDÄMMERUNG.

While posting spoilers, or posting/commenting on metaquotes  with icons containing spoilers for Deathly Hallows is not a killing offense, please do not delude yourself into thinking that something like this is teh awesome. We've already booted a couple of people for "quoting" spoilers.

You're not funny. You're not clever. You're just being a jerk.

Label your spoilers. Put them behind a cut. And don't. Use. Spoiler. Icons.

I, personally, count that as being part of the "blatant trolling" that we've had to deal with a couple times on MQ, and if I come across anything like that, I will not hesitate to use my Wand of Deletion (I know it looks like a mouse, cut me some slack, please?). Immediately. Use of the Banhammer of Modliness may follow, depending on the consensus of mods.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled metaquotes



(With thanks to colubra and skippytoad for their kind donations of diacriticals.)

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Not that I'm questioning the policy - your comm, your rules, that is the way of things, and a cut is just polite after the Potter freaks have made it clear that knowing absolutely anything in advance will ruin their entire lives - but god, how bad do these books suck that simply knowing some of the plot in advance supposedly ruins the whole experience?

I mean, this isn't Agatha Christie or Dashiell Hammett here, much less Shakespeare or Dickens. We're talking about a fairly rote, by-the-numbers book, targeted at children, about a heroic kid wizard who fights a horrible evil wizard. The ending is pretty much written in fucking stone and has been since the first book.

You have made the comment I was planning on posting completely unnecessary. I mean, Harry Potter is pretty much like a Disney movie. The evil wizard isn't gonna win. It's like saying "Aladdin defeats Jafar!"

Harry Potter is pretty much like a Disney movie.

No. Disney movies are less cloying.

OMG, Aladdin defeats Jafar?


It's not that they suck, it's that some people have just don't want to know *anything* about the books, movies, shows whathaveyou in advance. You should see people on my flist freak out about casting spoilers. I don't consider them spoilers but a lot of people I know do.

And who says that it's cast in stone? I'm personally hoping for a "Rocks fall. Everyone dies!" ending myself but I would like to find out on my own, not because some twat feels like being a wanker and ruining it for the rest of us. Much like Christmas, it's great to get presents but the surprise is part of the fun. I hate knowing what Im' going to get. Does that make sense?

It's not that they suck, it's that some people have just don't want to know *anything* about the books, movies, shows whathaveyou in advance.

I am well aware of this trend, and recommend not sleeping with these people, because the first time will always suck.

Much like Christmas, it's great to get presents but the surprise is part of the fun. I hate knowing what Im' going to get. Does that make sense?

That's a rather good analogy. As for myself, it's not about the ending per se -- we all know, hey, Voldemort won't win -- but it's about what happens on the way there. Who dies, how it happens, etc.

After all, the end of Christmas is "presents are open, we eat turkey," right?


I'm still going to read it, having been spoiled. We can choose to disagree on the quality of writing, Dickens v. Rowling, because, good LORD but you can tell that Dickens was getting paid by the word, but the fact of the matter remains that by and large, Dickens and Rowling are the same phenomenon from different centuries. People used to mob trains bringing in papers with the latest installment of Dickens. The hunger to know what happens, and to have the enjoyment of reading for yourself what happens, is a large portion of what drives the reading of fiction, period. Otherwise, why would people read mysteries? Walking up to someone and leaning over their shoulder to whisper, "Butler did it" to someone reading an Agatha Christie is just as rude.

I will note that this policy and this reaction is based on the fact that we have, as I said, already had people coming on the comm specifically to post spoilers in order to be jerks. These are people who've crowed about their ability to be jerks, who've acknowledged their trolling publicly. Because we expect a rather... effusive... reaction from the fan community, it's best to be clear about our policies before the fact, especially since it often takes a bit of time to find out whether someone was just being excited and effusive and forgot to lj-cut SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE OMG HUMOROUS COMMENT HERE or whether they're chortling all the way back to /b/tard heaven. This way, we've already said, "Dude, we'll delete this, and banning may follow upon review."

(Deleted comment)
It's not even that, it's the fact that, if you know who dies, it inevitably effects your enjoyment of the rest of the book. If you're reading a scene with someone in it that you know dies, it's going to impact on how you read it.

Some people are just complete spoilerphobes. I once got banned from a comm (not HP related) because I posted the sentence "I liked it!" in my OWN journal (not even on the comm) and the comm owner considered that a spoiler.

It's not a matter of the books sucking, it's the simple fact that a lot of people don't want the details of the final book of one of the most influential book series of their childhood told to them beforehand. It takes the surprise away. People aren't spoiling the obvious final outcome, for the most part - they're spoiling which characters die, and how, which is something JK Rowling was leaving very much up to speculation.

Though it's apparently hard for you to comprehend, these books mean something to people - just because you've written them off as being simple children's books that aren't worth your time doesn't mean everyone should feel exactly as you do.

I can't speak for anyone else. Normally, a bit of spoiling doesn't bother me. I'm one of the people who sometimes can't wait and flip to the last page while I'm reading the book.

I'm bad for that.

However, this is the LAST book, I just want to find out for myself.

My problem with people posting spoilers isn't so much about knowing what happens in the book. It's about people with a holier-than-thou attitude being assholes to the world at large on purpose, for no reason other than to make people miserable. It's one thing if one slips out in the course of a legitimate discussion. It's another thing to be the tool who comes out of a movie theater and shouts at the line, "VADER IS LUKE'S FATHER, PEOPLE!"

I think we all understand by now that you are trying to construct some "you are only upset about spoilers because the books are so bad that you can't read them for any other aspects than the final revelation" or "you are so childish that you can only read children's books if no-one tells you how they end" argument.

Guess what?

- I know that JKR is not Hemingway. Still, I enjoy her books as much as I enjoy the more "worthwhile" literary works I also read - possibly more than some of them.

- I've re-read every single HP book, most of them several times, because once you know the plot twists, it is quite enjoyable to see how they are achieved without the reader realising. This is not about Harry defeating Voldemort in the end - it was clear from the first books that he would do so. There are, however, plot twists, some of them unforeseeable by all but the most discerning readers (of which I obviously can't be one, given my taste for childish literature), and if you know those beforehand, you'll read the book differently. I like my first reading experience to be "innocent", so to speak, and if I know what happens, my reading enjoyment will be lessened. Others, like you, may like it differently and seek out all information they can get before reading, however, this is their choice, just as reading a book without knowing what happens is mine. I don't think one way of reading is better than the other, as you seem to imply.

- People who are deliberately posting spoilers do this *only* to get attention and to annoy others; there is no other value whatsoever in their actions. The fact that you appear to think all those very different people who enjoy reading JKR's books for different reasons are "whiners" and "freaks" with no literary taste is sad; still, I don't see why the mods shouldn't help us pursue our immaturity at the cost of banning a few trolls who don't seem to contribute anything to the community.

- I also don't really understand why our immaturity is bothering you so much.

Thank you, mods!

...maybe because people don't have the same insane urge to spoil the plot of any of those authors that people seem with with the HP series?

It's a request for common courtesy is all. Kinda like expecting people not to go shouting 'Oh, for god's sake, it's the damned butler!' twenty minutes into a two hour film. Kids book or not, a lot of people--adults and children alike, read the series and have been waiting for near a decade to see what Rowling actually does--including seeing just how 'written in stone' the ending really is. We know it's the last book.

We don't know exactly what she's going to do with it.

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