Pickaxe Jill (daffybroad) wrote in metaquotes,
Pickaxe Jill

persnicketus, expressing a widely-shared area of confusion regarding pubic grooming:

"I have always had trouble with this particular area of self-grooming. If I let the hair alone, yes it is somewhat lengthy and bushy and curly and what-have-you, but it is also soft and generally content. If I shave and trim it, then the area looks better and sensation is increased for sexual things, but the hair, now blunted, is coarse and unfriendly, and my vagina, previously warm and blanketed, becomes Angry Vagina, wherein it is irritated and sore. It's like it's asking, "Where'd all the hair go?" And it's asking with irritation. That is how it asks. What do I do here? Do I placate Angry Vagina and keep my disco bush, or do I join the rest of civilization in its determination to do away with intimate plumage?"

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