a sudden absence of bees (sabotabby) wrote in metaquotes,
a sudden absence of bees

e.e. cummings

pfy, in response to this, says:

Why is it that when one of these armpit-scratching australopithecines is challenged on its pitiful grasp of any language not involving grunting, it always tries to use E. E. Cummings as a justification for its lack of education? Did Cummings stalk them throughout their childhoods, emerging from the shadows to thrash them with a birch cane whenever they spoke grammatically correct sentences? Did he murder each and every one of their English teachers?

I would wager that not one of these evolutionary throwbacks, in their brief moments of leisure time between copulating with their siblings and hunting roaches for supper, has ever read a single line of Cummings' work. Not one of them would have the mental capacity to understand the irony and pretentiousness in comparing themselves to such an accomplished author. Neither would they realise that, unlike themselves, Cummings communicated expressively and intelligently.

Maybe when your poster has written several acclaimed books, insteading of just reading them while moving her lips, I will respect her preference for writing like an ignoramus.

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