Roonil Wazlib (baseballchica03) wrote in metaquotes,
Roonil Wazlib

ljdq once again provides your weekly dose of hilarity.

mark_laura: It took Mark five dates to find Laura's Upper Volta, but after that there was no doubt we would be inseparable.
L: 'Kenya reach it? It's between the libya (aka the ivory coasts).'
M: 'I've benin there before, but I'm ghana try again.'
L: 'Only a little farther togo... OH, Morocco!'
M: 'Never senegal to do a man's work.'

chaosvizier: Well, at least Mark didn't russia in there while Laura was still chile. Always spaind some time peru-sing the scenery if you want to romania in good favor with your partner.

angledge: I hate everybody.

Context is particularly punny today.

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