surrealistic odes to lobster rolls (mordecai) wrote in metaquotes,
surrealistic odes to lobster rolls

it's "quote the hell out of ann larimer" day <3

ahli: You should be afraid. I am afraid of your card. It's um, very feminine.
annlarimer: As long as it doesn't go into labor and start spitting out gift tags all over the dining-room table.
ahli: I have no control over its actions once it goes in the mailbox. Keep it away from pizza flyers and your phone bill and you lessen the odds.

inkysweet: My stepmother taught a literature class and for fun one year - she taught "A Modest Proposal" as a real proposal to solve the problem of poverty in Ireland instead of a satire. The scarey thing is - most of the class bought into it and some really defended the idea of selling babies as cash crops...
crantz: I wish my English teachers had tried that...

lavendertook: *passes the ketchup* (-;
crantz: Mmm. The sweet sweet flesh of the poor.

The latter two from here and the first one from here.

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