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It's cold in here. I think I'm going to make a bonfire. Won't that be fun? A nice, roaring fire in the middle of my office. And who cares if it eats the entire place? I don't. It will be revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge for holding me in its cold, cruel clutches all night last night. And then, I will pee on the rugs because I am petty, and nothing says "petty" more than human urine. I learned that from Reading Rainbow and Geordi LaForge. Except he wasn't wearing his visor then, and that always concerned me, because I didn't understand how Geordi could read all those books if he was blind.


As written by aliyna:

"Is the right ear gay or the left?"
"The earring in the right ear, or the left?"
"Okay. Thank you."
"Uh. You're...welcome."

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