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[+...bigger than life in black and white...+]

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of underage pr0n

kat8cha has a reminder for LJ:

"You seem to have forgotten, dear LJ, that we LJ users? Have no life. We sit at work, in class, at the coffee shop, while playing with our kids, and we *manically refresh livejournal*. When away from the computer and internet and livejournal we go into withdrawal. Then we post about it as soon as we find an internet connection.

Fandom is not just another group of people. We are not passive. We are ... well, really fucking annoying. And we're *not* going to just go away.

We might calm down at some point. But that is not the end of it. That is only a lull as we go to sleep, or get something to eat, or fetch fresh supporters for our cause.

We're the type of people who camp outside movie theatres LJ. I have my tent. You got yours?"

Context is not going away.
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