like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote in metaquotes,
like a psychotic rainbow

The joys of the Staten Island Ferry...

city_of_dis tells us all about how much fun one can have on the Staten Island Ferry.

A sample:

During your half-hour voyage on this tiny Titanic, you will inevitably encounter the following individuals:

1) An insane preacher. Generally, he will be wearing clothing from 2-3 decades preceding modern times. The current fad amongst Ferry Preachers is bright yellow suits with brown ties. Expect him to be nonsensical, repetitive and loud. Oh, so very loud. In most cases, he will pace up and down the aisles of the boat, bellowing such elucidation as "And-a the Lord-a will breathe-a fire down upon them-a!"

Go. Read. Laugh.


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