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~*Sputtering Laughter*~

I got this from here giovanni:

my philosopical penis

I've been having a dream about my penis. It happens once a week,every week. In it my penis becomes a philosopher that tries to deconstruct relaity. In my last dream we got into an argument. We were talking about deconstruction of the phil. of GhostBusters. It argued to me that GhostBusters represented a the beginning of a new film making genre. My penis said, "You own the DVD,you decide." In another dream I told my penis -it's like my counselor-that I was having an intense existential dilemma. I was questioning if I existed amd if my penis was it's own sepearate entity. "How do I know if yyou're in my head or you're talking to me. You're annoying me,shut up"

"I'm your dominate head."
"No,I am your dominate head. I'm going to hit you."
"If you hit me I'll spit on you."


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