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It's hard to master anatomy when you've never met a woman
fengi wrote in metaquotes
devildoll has a post about a new figurine of Mary Jane from Spiderman that's so hideously sexist even fanboys are taken aback. The comments that follow are mostly "Ugh!" but there are some witty expressions of outrage:
gypsyjr: ...God, she looks like she'd snap in half if she bent over any further.

devildoll: I want to know where her intestines are hiding...maybe in her boobs?

In the Victorian days of tight lacing,women's livers were actually forced into their chest cavities.

See now the comment is funny, but following it with this is even funnier.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
After working the graveyard shift at my dorm's front desk, I saw several girls who wore their jeans like that. You could see that much of their thongs when they were standing upright.

But... wouldn't that be like trying to give yourself a wedgie? Not that I ever understood thongs in the first place...

(Deleted comment)
We've come so far from vacuuming in pearls and heels!

Now we clean in heels and a pearl thong.

Even better: MJ is barefoot in the statue.

As bad as the original artwork is, at least she looks vaguely proportional. The model suffers from the barbie-legs syndrome.

And then there's the boobs...

The really sad thing is that this hasn't even shipped yet and it's already sold out. I don't even wanna think about who's buying this stuff.

Warning to lonely, post-adolescent fan-boys: The mere presence of this thing on your comic shelf may prevent you from getting laid - ever.

If it weren't sold out, I would totally buy one... with all this outraged protest, it's sure to be pulled from the market and become a huge collector's item.

The mere presence of this thing on your comic shelf may prevent you from getting laid - ever.

Agreed. She wouldn't even have to see it... she would just Know.

a) Oh my word. Really?

b) I did not know Spidey's costume was hand wash only. Seems kinda silly he can tackle fighting supervillians in that thing and it's not machine wash.

c) Could you put the context in line with Rule 9, please?

d) I just noticed the pearl necklance and bare feet. What you can't see is she's actually teeming with spider eggs. They don't make so much of a belly bump.

Re d) - those aren't pearls.

(Deleted comment)
Now all we need is the companion figure of Peter Parker in a wifebeater, reclined on a La-z-boy with a beer and the game on.

Is there any reason people always instinctually pair sex with submissiveness? I thought Mary Jane's appeal in the comics was that she was a strong female role who actively pursued her own agenda despite also being a feminine love interest. Is there thus any goddamned reason for her to be doing Spidey's laundry while barefoot and barely clothed?

I'm guessing this is just another clueless sell-out to pair with the massive Spiderman marketing blitz they've put out which has rendered the characters meaningless in their ubiquity. When there's a child's "singalong" Spiderman, Peter Parker's dark humor and self-defeating sacrifices in the name of being a superhero become completely pointless. And thus Mary Jane is similarly reduced to the status of a 40s pinup girl. Bleah.

If anything, Peter would be the one doing the laundry!
Wasn't there a storyline once where he ended up using too much bleach and had to go around in a pink-and-baby-blue suit for a while?

I think he was the only mainstream superhero who had to deal with such mundane concerns as laundry.

All the rest had Edna doing their costumes.

Whatever "designer" thinks MJ Watson should look like a Vargas girl needs to read the fuckin' comic and learn to recognize an independent, kick-ass woman when he sees one. However, he should prioritize a shower and a trip to the laundromat, because you *know* if the fuckwit's got this mentality, he lives in a *pig sty or his momma's basement (not that either one is mutually exclusive).

*No insult is meant to those of the porcine persuasion. I'm sure the hogs of the world are, by and large, much less sexist than the creators of that... thing.

Oh my Gackt, that's shocking.

I am hijacking this thread to declare my love for you because you're the only person besides me who I've ever seen say "Oh my Gackt."

Ew. And... ew.

That's all I've got. Oh, and your Tubey icon made me squee before I even read the post. Then... ew.

(Deleted comment)
If this were in scans_daily, I think it would bingo the "[FITB]s don't work that way" tags.

Hmm. I guess I should pretend I don't like it so I can fit in with the rest of the commenters...

My brain just broke.


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