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The inimitable Randy Milholland (kobold), creator of the webcomic with chocolate sprinkles (som_pos), shares some wisdom we could all learn from:

This morning, when I woke up, I realized - there are people who hate me. They don't know me, but the mention of my name fills them with a bubbling rage of venom and bile. They curse and vex me despite having never met me - because I have a comic strip they don't like. They actually are filled with a desire to see me fail and be miserable. They've dedicated moments of their fleeting life to HATING ME

And then I had the best masturbation I've ever had.

In comments, the mighty Paul T. Riddell (sclerotic_rings) raises the stakes:

You know what's better? It's not just the realization that people hate you, but that they'll take mortal offense to some idle comment that you may or may not have made (many of said comments exist only in the tiny minds of the perceived offended parties) and DEDICATE THEIR LIVES to letting everyone in the world know what a horrible, despicable, spiteful person you are. And if they can't find legitimate reasons to hate you, they'll make up lies to justify that hate.

If you thought that previous orgasm was good, chew on this observation a bit. I swear that you'll cum chunks of your liver.

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