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dad: Well, I'm going to fix the heat by Saturday...
me: Saturday? SATURDAY?! Daddy, I'm cold NOW.
dad: well...
me: Now I'll have to go get a blanket! And then I'll be under the blanket, so I'll want to take a nap. And then I'll fall asleep, so I won't finish my homework! And then I'll FAIL, which will mean I won't get into college, and not getting into a college will no doubt mean I won't get a job, so I'll be left working the streets OR WORSE, A BAG LADY! Daddy, if you don't fix the heat RIGHT NOW I'll be a BAG LADY!!! Cold and hungry and freezing all alone on the streets of New York, which means I'll be COLD for the REST OF MY LIFE if you don't fix the heat right now!
dad:... you should stop working on school and be an actor!
mom (coming up the stairs): SHE IS NOT GOING TO QUIT SCHOOL.
me: but then I need some heat!!!

(locked) context needs some heat, stat
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