Avital (kiteteraton) wrote in metaquotes,

Elmo wants peace

deesarrachi (in a comment on a flocked entry in my journal) informs us all what the world really needs:

We need to beat everyone over the head and make them watch Sesame Street to remember that Sharing Is Good. You want to live on this land? Okay. I'll live here, beside you. We can bake cookies together!

I say we elect five-year-olds as head of states. Biggest fight in kindergarten is over the red crayon. And then, we find another red crayon and everyone is happy and we have some apple juice and take a nap.

(No, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by university and adulthood and longing for the simplicity of my childhood...)

Or, we go for that old standby of 'Make awkward sexual advances, not war'.

QWP. Context is trying to get childrens' songs out of its head.
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