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My first post here! This is from my friend stariceling on the occupational hazards of being a biology major:

Also, I managed to do my homework/worksheet in class. Whee, fun. This was very, very, very necessary, because we covered the male reproductive system this week. It feels like every time I try to work on my Anatomy stuff someone has to lean over me and shout, "OMG STAR'S LOOKING AT NAKED PICTURES!" and I shall not name names, but it is always the same person.

-_-; And more often than not, I'm left thinking: "WTF? Yeah, sure, those are some naughty lymph nodes." or "Yeah, naked intestines, scandalous! *eyeroll*" or "Yes, your ass has several layers of muscle and I have to learn them, so please shush!"

I do not want to endure the shriek and/or teasing that would result if she walked in and discovered the 'naked pictures' included actual naughty bits. (Though if she was a he and not a she I would be tempted to just sit there with the diagram of the cross section of the penis and wait for the inevitable "AAAAAH WTF!" of severe mental discomfort. Because I am evil.)

Edit: link to the actual post:
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