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You can only use your Mormon Missionary cards in pairs

Comments in customers_suck on the topic of people pushing religious pamphlets on the lowly wage slaves:

betrayme: This used to happen to me, and then I took all the pamphlets about soul-saving people had given to me (or stealthily tried to leave on my counter), and put them in an envelope under the register. Now, I just hand them a pamplet in exchange and say something like, "I only discuss religion with people I'm on a first name basis with" or "Oh! I collect those, wanna trade?"

rukia_the_rat: Hahaha, that would make an awesome trading game. Get somebody to draw cute little anime-type monsters for each denomination and pamphlet type and you got yourself a smash hit!

betrayme:I have a roommate who works with kids. Think he can get them to trade in Yu-Gi-Oh cards for Religious Propaganda Cards?

rukia_the_rat: Oh sure, just add an annoying hip-hop theme song to it and pretty soon every kid in that room will be battling each other, shouting things like "My Billy Graham counters your Jehovah's Witness with his Hyper-Jesus Beam!" or "My Crazed Hobo on the Street card uses his End Is Near Sign to negate your attack!" or something like that.

Context gotta catch 'em all!
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