Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

Another one joins the fandom; too little too late (spoilers!)

Ray Vecchio loves you. Now maybe he thinks of you as an extra brother, and maybe he wants to jump your bones. That's so far from my point that it's across the Canadian border. The point is that he welcomed a lonely exile into his city, his home and his heart. While far from perfect, Ray is the kind of guy who's always willing to play taxi service, lend you money or get shot at with you. He played ice hockey with you, even though he's hilariously bad at it. He blew up the Riv, because you asked. He even offered to kill Diefenbaker so you wouldn't have to.

(The lesson here is: people who shoot your wolf are not your friends. People who
offer to shoot your wolf are the best friends you could have.)

andrastewhite writes a letter to everyone's favorite Mountie who was on the--oh hell, just watch the show, okay?
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