sinspired (sinspired) wrote in metaquotes,

lunza sends a note_to_cat

lunza, Human, sends a memo to Harry Potter, Cat, RE: Behaviors to avoid (regarding sleeping habits of said Human)

1. You will notice that after it gets dark, the human of the household locks herself in a cage, more or less. The human is perfectly capable of letting herself out when she pleases. She is not trapped. She has opposable thumbs, and she likes it in there.
7. You have noticed that when you open the door this way, you are promptly yelled at and ejected, and the door is shut again, so why bother? Nevertheless, you do bother, and reasoning with your little kitty brain often proves to be as much a waste of time as trying to explain to our president why his policy in Iraq is a failure (corollary: is our president a cat?); therefore, effective immediately the door will be blocked shut.

8. In case you think about getting persistent and pushing against the block, please note that such behavior will not be rewarded, especially when it's dark outside. No treats, no skritches, just yelling, hand-clapping and a possible squirt in the face with that nasty horrid substance, water, which is not banned by the Geneva Convention.

Context reminds you and Mr Potter, Cat, of existing procedure.

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