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I sense an impending rash of sushi bar seppuku...

retsuko responds to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture's proposed evaluation service for Japanese restaurants in foreign countries:

I originally heard about this last night, as I was sitting in a third-rate "Japanese" restaurant, eating instant miso soup and white rice with terikayki sauce on it. They had the TV's sound off, but captions on. A Japanese woman was quoted as saying, "I don't think the government should act as arbitrators of taste." I thought, maybe in this case, they should feel free. I imagined the scene dissolving and the "sushi police" busting down the door--"You there! You lived in Japan for three years, and you're eating this swill!" "Anno...I was hungry for instant miso?" "You have disgraced your taste buds!" (A ninja-style fight ensues.)

QWP, here
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