Firerose Arien (firerosearien) wrote in metaquotes,
Firerose Arien

spatialrift47 on what trees and toasters have in common


The tree is now lying on the ground in front of the exit to the apartment that I don't use (I use the back door), steadfastly resisting the efforts of the guy with the snowplow to move it out of the way. Hey guy, I admire your plucky determination, but that tree ain't giving you jack shit.

The window appears to be intact, except I now feel a draft between the glass panes. And there's definitely a pine needle stuck in the window's outer screen, left there like a note from the tree:

Dear V

I hate you. Kthxdie.

The Tree

*breathes* I'm ... I'm going to have some toast. UNLESS THE TOASTER TRIES TO FUCKING KILL ME TOO."

Entire entry and comments are worth reading as well, but perhaps not under any trees or next to any toasters...

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