High Priestess of Me (marysiak) wrote in metaquotes,
High Priestess of Me

It's War!

wheeler on LotR Risk: "...board games always make me tense, because in my family, board games = tantrums. Of course, in my family, shoes = tantrums, ceramic mugs = tantrums and tomatoes = tantrums. It's tantrums for breakfast, tantrums for lunch and tantrums for dinner. The only thing that doesn't cause tantrums in my family is gin, which supposedly makes a man mean, but makes a Wheeler mellow, because we start out mean already."
"The death of Aragorn and Legolas while they were humping down in Harad was just an unfortunate diplomatic incident, and Marysia's decision to seize my breweries was an understandable tactical necessity for which we can only blame the nefarious menace of the Elves."

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