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Wedded Bliss

libby_drew has an ideal soulmate

QWP on f-lock but

It's a quiet, relaxing morning. I'm waiting patiently for noon so I can post the pimp_my_3some sign-ups. At 11:45, I pull up the coded text, paste it into a post, set it to public, and screen all comments. I hit the post button, make a test comment, logout of LJ, then return to the comm to make sure the comment's not showing.

What do I find? The comment is showing. Which means everyone's supposedly confidential sign-up requests are showing.

As I ponder the WTF that is LJ, it happens.

My daughter trips and splits her lip open. There's blood. Lots. As I'm mopping it up and applying ice, the phone rings. It's the school. Son #2 is sick and I'm to 'come get him immediately'. Meanwhile...the sign-up post is still not working. It is now 12:06.

Panic begins to lick at my normally impenetrable exterior. Just as I consider throwing it in for the next few hours, my husband emerges from his home office.

Hus: *takes in scene* Hey! We made it till Wednesday without somebody getting blood on the floor.
Sansa: I need you.
Hus: *blinks* Now? In front of the kids. *points* The baby's bleeding.
Sansa: You need to pick up son #2 from school. He's sick to his stomach.
Hus: Oh, no. I had puke duty over Christmas. Your turn.
Sansa: I can't! I have...*gestures at computer*...an emergency.
Hus: An emergency.
Sansa: Yes!
Hus: *grabs car keys* Okay. But for future reference, Harry and Snape running out of lube is not an emergency.

And that is why we'll be together forever.

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