Caito Potato (callmecaito) wrote in metaquotes,
Caito Potato

It's like we have all the same ideas. But she has them first.

shaysdays, QWP from here:

Something velocityboy said recently made me realize that after a long, hard day of moderating MQ* it's kind of disconcerting to realize there is no ban_set for assholes in real life. Or some way of screening comments in public so I don't have to explain awkward concepts to my daughter I wasn't prepared for. Nor am I able to retrieve my mother's messages, then to delete and mark as spam. Of all the wonderful mod powers I would like to have in real life, though; I think the one I would want is when my two year old is yelling, "No! Gross! I can't! No!" to everything I say, I could just press an ice cube to his forehead to get him to stop.

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