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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Stepping away from the kitchen sink...
avalon_joan wrote in metaquotes
frantic_noise talks about Germaine Greer's The Beautiful Boy

I'm a little bit freaked out by the interviews the author has done, she's constantly talking about sperm that ‘runs like tap water’ 

damanique: Seriously, if that's happening, the boys need to see a doctor.

context has pictures of m/m love.  enjoy. 

edied for my lack of linking skills

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I hate your icon because I have no cookies. :( :( :(

I'd make some and send them to you, but i have a feeling that wouldn't work out, one way or another. Here's to another icon!

And my sister is too busy to send me some. Grrrrr. It's like a conspiracy against me having cookies.

I hate your icon because I have no threesome. :(

Wait... that doesn't even make sense...

I'm running out of icons to put up!
Yes. That's right. I only have 4 at current time. I'm getting on that.

And if anyone decides they hate this icon becuase they don't have any gay love, then I suggest they go down to the nearest supermarket and pick some up. It's quite good from what I hear.

omg. Your icon makes me want cookies in a bad way.

(...and context makes me want toned man-slaves who will do my every bidding.)

I needed no context for that. I always want that.

What about toned man-slaves who bake cookies for you? I'd like that. :D

I honestly don't know if I'm hungry or horny...

Um, I love your icon. Where did you get it? (I seriously laughed and did jazz hands for a good minute.)

iconsharing I believe. It's gankable, but I'm not sure who credit goes to :)

The two urges often seem to go hand-in-hand... ^.^

Now I'm having nineties flashbacks.

Haha, I'm so glad someone got the reference XD

Germaine Greer is a pedophile. If a man wrote and published the sorts of things she writes about young boys, he would be tarred and feathered. No-one would ever publish a book of photography that depicted girls in the same way her book depicts boys.

Between her prurient interest in underage boys, her vicious and uncalled for attack on Steve Irwin (days after his death!), and the mountain of rubbish she's published over the years, it absolutely amazes me that she is still considered one of the great women of feminism.

agreed x 2985798432759759875398753

I totally agree that, had a man published this book, with those pictures, he'd be damned as a pedophile. But because OMG!Germain Greer published it, it's A-OKAY!


Agreed. The woman is a ratbag. She published interesting stuff in the 1970s, and her Shakespearean work is good. But now she can't stop grabbing for attention, and everything that she says is either rubbish, vitriol or occasionally downright evil. If she was online, she'd be a troll.

I think the only interesting idea I have ever heard from her was the statement "All women are female impersonators." which is pretty deep. Everything else I've ever heard from her made me cringe.

Recently I saw an article she wrote in which she rebuts some jackass who claims that Frankenstein couldn't have been written by Mary Shelly and must have been written by a man because it's too good to have been written by a woman.

So how does she rebut this utterly asinine claim? By arguing that the claim is so patently absurd and misogynistic that it should be thrown out on it's ear? Nope. By pointing out that the windbag who wrote is a well-known kook who has a history of promulgating utterly stupid ideas? Nuh-uh.

She does it by arguing that Frankenstein is such a piece of crap novel that it must have been written by a woman. Either it's brilliant satire so cleverly cloaked that it gives no indication that she's not serious, or it's the most ::headdesk:: stupid thing I've read from a feminist in years.

After her post-mortem slander of Steve Irwin, I described her to a friend of mine as a "bitter, twisted harpy". He added "...and a paederast. A self-confessed paederast."

The replacement of her (nude, IIRC) portrait by the clothed portrait of Mr Stephen Robert Irwin was the final victory of a decent man over a sick, sad, depraved creature. I only hope for her sake that when she dies, an autopsy uncovers an underlying neurological disease. Otherwise she's completely responsible for her perversion and she will burn in Hell (or better, spend eternity with her head shoved into a puddle of adolescent semen).

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