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thekerosenekid has discovered the cat world's version of myspace...

... Catster groups:

Damn it all, but I couldn't see any of the group's messages. So I did the next best thing: I checked out Kasey's Dogster site. Apparently, somebody wuvs Kasey vewwy much, because Kasey's owner posted--and has playing--"When I See You Smile" by Bad English, under the heading Chronicals of Kasey the Wonder Dog. Someone has also responded to Kasey's request to "Shout Me a Message, Nice 1's Only": so there is also a...note of some sort that is from a dog who claims to be Kasey's son that reads I love ya mommy! You are a pawsome pup. Your son MURPHY

This is why dogs don't have thumbs. They would actually type some shit like that. I love them, but you know that the golden retrievers of the world would be the ones buying the Anne Geddes posters and coining words like "pawsome".

Anyway, let this be your moment of zen for the day. And please, folks: gay people can't even get married one time yet, so for Christ's sake, only let your dog have a single wedding, no matter how many man-dogs tried to hump her full of puppies behind the Safeway that one time she dug a hole under the fence.

Context is off approving Catster friend requests || QWP
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