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I'd like to ride *that* ride...

dawnmipb prefaces her discussion of Shadow Hearts: Covenant with an analysis of Yuri:

I have always said that Yuri was the kind of guy that would be fun to get stupidly drunk with and halfheartedly fend off his gropings. He is also perfect fuck buddy material. The guy has issues out the wazoo, not the least of which he can fuse with demon souls (DEMONS AND MONSTERS HAVE SOULS OMG CALL THE VATICAN), but he's a delightful horndog and would be great fun with no strings attached.

(And yes, thank you, fuck buddy IS a dreadful expression but I'm not going all clinical to describe a situation which is described perfectly by someone who would be a terrific friend who I would gladly ride like a rollercoaster stuck on high speed.)

Public context walks like a pregnant Sim.

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