JessKat (jesskat) wrote in metaquotes,

In which 2_gryphon tells two extremely noisy kids to shut up and an angry dad gets pwned

" "Hey! Hey, you say something to my kids?"

"Yes sir, I did. I told them to stop making noise."

The man huffed and pointed back toward five sets of frightened eyes peeking over their table to watch Pappa Bear give me a good talking to. "Now, you don't have any right to say a damn thing to my kids!"

What I said next slapped the man's brain so hard, he'll be walking backwards for weeks...

I smiled a little. "Whatever gave you that idea?"


"The idea that I don't have a right to speak to your children."

The bear turned into a fish. His mouth opened and closed several times, as though he couldn't quite select a particular response listed in his Terminator cyborg-vision.

He stammered a bit. "Be - because they're my children!"

I smiled more. "I'm someone's child, yet you appear to have the right to speak to me."

Ching! I saw it in his eyes. They spun over like a slot machine until they landed on the words, "Oh shit!" in one eye, and "I lost" in the other. I grew a massive victory boner on the spot."

Context doesn't like noisy brats. The entire post is worth reading and made of win.

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