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In which 2_gryphon tells two extremely noisy kids to shut up and an angry dad gets pwned
[Contemplation] Deep silent complete
jesskat wrote in metaquotes
" "Hey! Hey, you say something to my kids?"

"Yes sir, I did. I told them to stop making noise."

The man huffed and pointed back toward five sets of frightened eyes peeking over their table to watch Pappa Bear give me a good talking to. "Now, you don't have any right to say a damn thing to my kids!"

What I said next slapped the man's brain so hard, he'll be walking backwards for weeks...

I smiled a little. "Whatever gave you that idea?"


"The idea that I don't have a right to speak to your children."

The bear turned into a fish. His mouth opened and closed several times, as though he couldn't quite select a particular response listed in his Terminator cyborg-vision.

He stammered a bit. "Be - because they're my children!"

I smiled more. "I'm someone's child, yet you appear to have the right to speak to me."

Ching! I saw it in his eyes. They spun over like a slot machine until they landed on the words, "Oh shit!" in one eye, and "I lost" in the other. I grew a massive victory boner on the spot."

Context doesn't like noisy brats. The entire post is worth reading and made of win.

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The thing that you are missing here is that this guy is one of the George Carlins of the internet. Do a little research this time.

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I don't know that I'd call it a "flame"...just some little bootlicker butthurt because his idol just does not fly on my radar.

George Carlin? Funny. There's a REASON everyone knows who he is. The quotee? Some random lamer, AFAIC.

I don't think most people know who George Carlin is. Most people on the internet, maybe, but not most people in general.

You're kidding, right?

Carlin's been in comedy for 50 years now, and that both prolifically and famously.

I didn't know Carlin was a comedian until I learned about him on the internet. I only knew him as That Bearded Guy Who Was In A Bunch Of Kevin Smith Movies. But then, I'm not American.

Well, he's pretty familiar in the fur community as he attends fur cons, I haven't gone to any of his stand-up, but he's pretty funny.

However, it should be noted, that his internet radio show, "Two-Sense" Also has a large fan base of non-furries too.

(Deleted comment)
I think 2's relative e-fame as a comedian was brought up to point out that while the post may have indeed been true (believe what you will, I don't really care either way), it was colored in with some more exciting detail than what may have happened in reality. A la "those kids were pretty loud" vs. "I've heard fire sirens that were gentler on the ears than those brats". Because that's what comedians do. There may have actually been more to the story. Where most people would have ended the post with "after I said that, the guy cursed at me and then they ate, got up and left and in the end I lost 20$ on the slot machine", a good comedian places the period at the part where he wholesale pwns some poor sap.

Right. Because I would TOTALLY give a shit, and thus cut a bullshitter some slack.



And that makes a difference because...?

Aside from your astoundingly terrible judgement in what makes a person a "George Carlin of the internet," what does that have to do with anything?

You did not just bastardize George Carlin's name by associating him with that whiny bitch.

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