Xanthipe (xanthipe) wrote in metaquotes,

helbling summarises 300...

Captain Artemis: So, these guys all have already had kids, and we’re going to go out in to the desert…
All the fanfic writers in the audience: *slash sense tingling*
Captain Artemis: …all alone, with no women, to fight an army against overwhelming odds…
All the fanfic writers in the audience: Ok, we can definitely work with this…
Captain Artemis: …and by the way, this is my youngest son, who is very favoured with me.
All the fanfic writers in the audience: Incest possibilities too?! It’s like birthday, Christmas and Easter rolled into one!
The rest of the audience: You SICK FREAKS.

Resultantly, an army of persians is sent against the Spartans.
Leonidas: Phalanx!
Emma’s dirty mind: What did-
The Rest of Emma: No. NO. He said ‘phalanx’ not ‘phallic’! What’s with you today woman?!
Emma’s dirty mind: I think it’s the underpants…they make my head fuzzy.

Context is fascinated by giant underpants.
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