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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Tim Curry visits the mall...
griffen wrote in metaquotes
...and ame_chan had the good luck to be working in the store he visited.

Sort of.

I rush out of the office and notice "guy in a grey sweatsuit." and sorta "floomph" against the counter fanning myself with a piece of paper and say, "Wow. Ya ever have one of those days?"


And he says, "OH indeed."

In that voice.

And I lose all power of thought and speech and I'm just, er, buh. Can't talk. Standing in the store, trying not to have a hyperventilating fangirl moment. Can't. Talk. Forget sampling balsamic vinegar or you know, actually selling to him. TO OMGTIMCURRY. Who TALKED to me. Tim Curry talked to me and he has Voice and I'll be in my bunk and.... *floppy arms*

So he walks over to our display of honey body balms and other wonderful botanicals, and is examining them and I walk over to him, intending to say, "Ah, yes. These wonderful honey botanicals, so fragrant, made by nuns! When we uncap the bottles and spritz the store, they are so fragrant that bees fly into the store looking for the source of the smell. Reallywonderful stuff Mr. OMGPONIES Curry."

What came out of my mouth was, "That'll give you, er, bees."

"That'll GIVE YOU BEES." ya'll. I said. To OMGTIMCURRY. Bees.

He left the store rather rapidly. At which point, I walked behind the counter and sank onto my knees out of sight of the store and was muttering and laughing rather hysterically. Like ya do. After a horrible bee incident.

"BEES." *smacks head*

"FUckin BEES." *smack"

"TIM CURRY." *smack*

Context is attracted to sweet transvestites.

F-locked post, so Cue Dubbya Pee, and stuff. Edited to correct spelling of ame_chan's name.

**dies laughing**

I love your link text as well.

Oh man, curse of the fangirl squee! attack.


Oh dear various gods.

*falls over laughing* That's so horrible. I feel so sorry for siodchan. And I empathize. I think I'd be the same way.

I shall always think of this when watching RHPS

I need to have your icon's babies. May i?

Oh my god. that is amazing. *hysterical*

Here's the part where I fervently wish I had an Eddie Izzard "I'm covered in bees!" icon.

Eddie was the first thing I thought of, after I died laughing. Oh, wonderful transvestites.

The poor thing. I've been rendered sweaty and dry-throated by far less famous people. If I turned and saw Tim Curry, I think the shock would suddenly give me a gushing nose bleed. And an incontinence problem. And explosive diarrhea. Alllll at once.

Please don't ever meet Tim Curry while I'm standing behind you in line somewhere.

VOICE! YES. Yes he does.

(Deleted comment)
That'll give you bees is so poised to be the next Internet phenom. In two weeks, it'll have it's own Busted Tee.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Dang, and I quite LITERALLY got done watching RHPS about half an hour ago.

Wow. That's even worse than my meeting Jane Espenson story. And yet I'm jealous anyway.

/I'll be in my bunk...

Ooh, you met Jane Espenson?! Do tell!

(Dang, I've been in LA for almost a year and I've only run across one celebrity. And he's kind of a niche celebrity - you had to have known the civil rights movement in order to appreciate the awesomeness of seeing him.)

*dies* BEES! Hehe, I could totally picture myself ding that.

*cries laughing* That's awfully embarrassing. I think I would've spontaneously combusted before I even managed to say anything. It's a fabulous anecdote, though.

(Now I must resist the urge to blurt out "That'll give you you BEES" at totally inappropriate moments.)

Haha, that's awesome. I wish I could be so literate should I meet him. I'd probably just stand there with a dumb look on my face muttering nonsensical words.