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Tolkien-Sue snarkiness

Joined specifically to post these, because they amused me.

In, deleterius, meepalicious posts a whopper of a Sue, and mentions today would have been Tolkien's eleventy-second birthday.

From the comments:

hathy_col: *raises pint class to Tolkien* Dude, all of us with an IQ above double figures still respect you. And we know that you'll be waiting in the afterlife with a baseball bat inscribed with 'Mary-Sue'...

gehayi: I can just see a Louisville-Slugger-wielding Tolkien in the Undying Lands, flanked by Feanor on one side and Turin on the other.

Elrond and Luthien would be standing slightly to the fore as their eyes searched the horizon for Sues. Gimli and Sam would be slightly to the back, indignant and homicidal fury all over their honest faces.

And huddled on the shore, guarded by all the Valar, would be Morgoth, who would be cowering as Manwe said, "Understand, Melkor. We defeated thy evil and crushed thy servants and now it is time to annihilate these miserable, soulless pawns of thine that have so long polluted each and every universe--the obscenities known as Sues."

And I can see Tolkien (and all of his creations) smile...

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